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Urinalysis by visual reagent strip tests is widely performed in antenatal clinics and in the community by various health professionals.
Reagent strip methods are prone to many errors when used to screen for neonatal hypoglycemia.
In the first part of the study, participants retrospectively reviewed consecutive testing documentation for glucose and urine reagent strip (dipstick) tests from up to 3 locations until 25 different operators were identified.
Basic urinalysis is performed with reagent strips testing for physiochemical properties of the urine as well as other elements.
9] the sensitivity and specificity of urine microscopy plus reagent strip tests when combined in parallel were lower than in our study at 83.
One concluded that it is appropriate to use glucose oxidase reagent strips to detect the presence of glucose in tracheal secretions (Metheny, St.
To test their blood sugar, people with diabetes must stick their fingers with a lancet, draw blood, place a drop of blood on a glucose reagent strip, and insert the strip into an instrument that gives a glucose reading.
Specific gravity is most commonly measured by one of three methods: hydrometry, refractometry, or reagent strip.
Each assay requires the use of a pre-dispensed disposable reagent strip and corresponding solid phase receptacle (SPR).
Furthermore, a faulty technique in bathing and blotting the reagent strip, the use of inappropriately stored or outdated reagent strips, the use of strips incompatible with the program of the instrument, a dirty optical window in the instrument, and inefficient activation of the timer on the instrument can cause inaccuracies in glucose readings.
reagent strip urinalysis for total protein with automated reading;
The photometer uses a method utilizing exact micro reagent strip technology, eliminating the need for powders, tablets, and liquids.