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In Civil Law, relating to a thing (whether movable or immovable), as distinguished from a person. Relating to land, as distinguished from Personal Property. This term is applied to lands, tenements, and hereditaments.


adjective accurate, actual, ascertained, bonafide, conformable to fact, correct, dependable, factual, genuine, inartificial, incontestable, irrefutable, legitimate, natural, right, scientific, sincerus, sure, true, trustworthy, truthful, undeniable, undoubtable, unerroneous, unfallacious, unfeigned, unimagined, unimpeachable, unmistaken, unsimulated, unspurious, unsynthetic, valid, veracious, veritable, verus
Associated concepts: real estate, real party interest, real property, real servitude
See also: absolute, actual, apparent, authentic, bona fide, certain, conclusive, concrete, convincing, corporeal, de facto, definite, documentary, factual, faithful, genuine, legitimate, material, natural, objective, perceptible, peremptory, physical, ponderable, positive, pure, realistic, reliable, rightful, sterling, substantial, substantive, tangible, true, veridical


denoting or relating to immovable property such as land and tenements.

POINDING, REAL, or poinding of the ground, Scotch law. Though it be properly a diligence, this is generally considered by lawyers as a species of real action, and is so called to distinguish it from personal poinding, which is founded merely on an obligation to pay.
     2. Every debitum fundi, whether legal or conventional, is a foundation for this action. It is therefore competent to all creditors in debts which make a real burden on lands. As it proceeds on a, real right, it may be directed against all goods that can be found on the lands burdened but, 1. Goods brought upon the ground by strangers are not subject to this diligence. 2. Even the goods of a tenant cannot be poinded for more than his term's rent, Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 4, 1, 3.

REAL. A term which is applied to land in its most enlarged signification. Real security, therefore, means the security of mortgages or other incumbrances affecting lands. 2 Atk. 806; S. C. 2 Ves. sen. 547.
     2. In the civil law, real has not the same meaning as it has in the common law. There it signifies what relates to a thing, whether it be movable or immovable, lands or goods; thus, a real injury is one which is done to a thing, as a trespass to property, whether it be real or personal in the common law sense. A real statute is one which relates to a thing, in contradistinction to such as relate to a person,

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6 billion reais since the end of 2014, largely as a weaker real drove up the local currency value of its mostly dollar debts.
The cheapest sports event tickets will be 40 Brazilian reals (about 13 US dollars) and the most expensive 1,200 Brazilian reais.
Between January and July the surplus was about 20 billion reais less than the government had in the same period last year.
On Wednesday, Renault announced an investment of 500 million reais (US$285 million or €212 million) to expand an existing factory in Curitiba, in the state of Parana.
A ring with an alluring golden orange-brown imperial topaz stone set in 18-carat gold was for sale for 32,320 reais.
7mn reais is being financed for water supply projects, a total of 80.
7 million reais in three cash installments for Neo Quimica, based in Anapolis in Goias state, and will issue 17.
Carmo will pay 265 reais (pounds 62) a month for three years to buy his motorcycle.
There were 10 horses, so we went in two groups, and it cost only 15 reais (about $5) for an hour of riding.
6 million reais ($334 million) in 2001 from 470 million reais in 2000.
The company has reduced its exposure to foreign currency through the re-profiling, when it converted 70% of that debt to reais, as well as through bonds issued in reais and new local debenture issuances.