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According to Doris Meissner, the US Immigration and Naturalisation Commissioner, Phoenix in particular has become 'a real focus point of the violence and victimisation associated with smuggling' and some 100 agents will be assigned to the designated airports to help local police, according to the Associated Press.
THE REAL FOCUS OF THE ANTI-CHLORINE campaign isn't chlorine so much as man-made chemicals in general.
The game holds an FIArecognised online racing league which is the real focus for players.
When asked if he was conscious of Jagielka's Wembley past and desire to be fit for April 23, Martinez said: "Maybe it is difficult to believe from the outside, but we have a real focus to go from game to game.
His incredible journey has given him a real focus on helping others.
Undoubtedly she will provide strong leadership for our UK National business with a real focus on growth, and I look forward to her becoming a vital part of our team.
We Brendan | know they're an outstanding group of players but there's a real focus in this group for this season, a real toughness, mentally.
These are exciting times ahead for Bristol Rugby and there's a real focus and there's a real focus R around the place to return to the Aviva Premiership.
Our real focus is to demonstrate what can be achieved with readilyavailable technology to inspire young minds into taking a greater interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
There is a real focus on looking after staff which is evident as soon as you arrive at the office.
Barry Tootell, chief executive of Co-operative Banking Group, said, 'As member-owned organisations, we have much in common with Royal London, which has a track record of delivering strong performance for policyholders and a real focus on delivering good customer service.