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"This is a real focus of attention for companies, wanting to be able to aggregate their exposure from all lines of business--not just the property line," she said.
There were vague wishes to be a fireman, hockey player (This was Canada, after all.), but I knew that 1 had a real focus already.
But the real focus of the show was on Accardi's more recent work.
The war in Iraq became a showcase for the options the US might have for use against North Korea, and discussion of this aspect was the real focus of attention in the Japanese newsrooms.
"The real focus, as far as I'm concerned, has got to be promoting economic development, not only spending money on exploration, but in areas that have the best chance of finding another ore body that we can turn into a mine and ultimately create spinoffs in direct employment and in the service sector," Gignac says.
Clearly they're involved in some sort of assignation, but the real focus is on their desperation and inability to communicate.
While the name of the car in English seems to conjure some immediate slippage into "vulva," clearly it's the uterus that's the real focus of the whole campaign.
The truly radical and profound point that Miltich makes is that rather than "focusing on measurement, data gathering, and quantification," the real focus should be on provision; Educational institutions are virtually starving, as all manner of needs are inadequately provided for.
The stunts and effects, even when they're not particularly well done, are the real focus of this hocus pocus.
"There's a real focus on the basics, to canvassing for tenants and finding the best space to handle as an agent," Bernstein said.
"The big thing is that we're making it a real focus on independent retailers.
According to Doris Meissner, the US Immigration and Naturalisation Commissioner, Phoenix in particular has become 'a real focus point of the violence and victimisation associated with smuggling' and some 100 agents will be assigned to the designated airports to help local police, according to the Associated Press.