real meaning

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Disposed, however, as he always is to think the best of everyone, her display of grief, and professions of regret, and general resolutions of prudence, were sufficient to soften his heart and make him really confide in her sincerity; but, as for myself, I am still unconvinced, and plausibly as her ladyship has now written, I cannot make up my mind till I better understand her real meaning in coming to us.
Real meaning of Christmas WHAT happened to Christmas?
I think we have become way to dependent on today's technology, which in my opinion has become overrated and taken away from the real meaning of hunting.
Washington, March 9 ( ANI ): Jaime King, who welcomed son James with hubby Kyle Newman five months ago, has revealed that motherhood has taught her the real meaning of love.
At this time of year, their story brings home the real meaning of Christmas.
The real meaning of Islamic economics, most of all, is to eliminate interest payments and futures transactions.
It's a fact that these genuinely needy causes suffer at this time of year because so many folk have forgotten the real meaning and sentiment.
WHEN will Mr Pickles MP explain the real meaning of localism?
What better way to get into the real meaning of Christmas than by giving someone this special gift which can be literally life-saving?
A reserve game doesn't have the crowd or atmosphere and the real meaning of playing for a club on a Saturday.
THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS: Pupils at Breckon Hill Primary School, Middlesbrough
We're almost forgetting the real meaning of Christmas.