real security

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He SPOKE of apprehension and anxiety, but his countenance expressed real security.
Noting that real security has returned to the country, he said, "Today the wrong, cruel and anti-human rights sanctions issued by the UN Security Council have been removed.
Real security comes from working and from decent public services.
The Ministry is interested in giving citizens, residents, public opinion transparent and clear information about the real security conditions in the country," Director-General of the Interior Ministry's Public Relations and Security Information Colonel Adel Al-Hashash said in a statement.
He explained that the security forces had destroyed / 30 / vehicles and confiscated / 10 / others through the operations to control over the camp, which is the second one within the last / 24 / hours, adding that this camp contains large quantities of different explosives, weapons and munitions, in addition to food supplies," pointing out that "the control of the camp is a real security achievement added to the security achievements of the security forces in the past few months.
The red blinking light on this device makes it appear to visitors that it is a real security camera recording their every move.
the Governor you ask is probably up for re-election and will probably promise to look into it not that it will mean anything regarding real security.
Worryingly, just like Iraq, there is no real security agreement in place which would allow Nato and US forces to stay in some numbers.
Our goal is to offer real security to all smartphone users," says founder Jeremy Rose.
Real security comes from knowing you can provide for your needs, come what may.
As for other conditions to a final peace agreement, Netanyahu urged the Palestinians to "renounce the right of return" for refugees, and reiterated the need for "solid security arrangements that meet the real security needs of Israel".
NNA - MP Sami Gemayel deeply regretted on Monday the martyrdom of members of the Lebanese army, considering that it was "high time to bury consensual security and create real security to all the Lebanese without exception.