real sense

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Forgive me if I say such a shame must proceed from false modesty, which always attends false honour as its shadow.--But I am well assured there is not a man of real sense and goodness in the world who would not honour and applaud the action.
New York has always been a commercial community, and there are not more than three families in it who can claim an aristocratic origin in the real sense of the word."
"I want to be strong-minded in the real sense of the word, but I don't like to be called so by people who don't understand my meaning; and I shall be if I try to make the girls think soberly about anything sensible or philanthropic.
Whenever the real sense of what she had heard emerged for a second from the haze of her thoughts she would fancy that something had exploded in her brain without, unfortunately, bursting her head to pieces--which would have been a relief.
But on reflection he decided that what he had witnessed was no real sense of security, still less a real innocence.
Those in court had been wrought up to an irrational, but real sense of some monstrosity.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 5 (ANI): Supporting the scrapping of Article 370, the BJD MP Prasanna Acharya on Monday said that Kashmir has become a part of India in a real sense today.
An onlooker said: "The hats brought a real sense of fun."
"It gives them a real sense of what it's like to work in the industry as a performer - from the audition process, to working with top choreographers, to creating and rehearsing a number of dance pieces, right through to a national tour.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that women are important part of the society and their empowerment in the real sense is top priority of the government.
The main cause of its existence is the law which has no punishment for the criminals in the real sense. So, I want to request the government to take strict actions against this issue and promote laws against those who kill others in the name of honor.
LAHORE -- Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Ahmed Langrial has said that Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC) is serving farmers in real sense by providing them high quality seed at reasonable price.