real sense

References in classic literature ?
But I am well assured there is not a man of real sense and goodness in the world who would not honour and applaud the action.
New York has always been a commercial community, and there are not more than three families in it who can claim an aristocratic origin in the real sense of the word.
I want to be strong-minded in the real sense of the word, but I don't like to be called so by people who don't understand my meaning; and I shall be if I try to make the girls think soberly about anything sensible or philanthropic.
Whenever the real sense of what she had heard emerged for a second from the haze of her thoughts she would fancy that something had exploded in her brain without, unfortunately, bursting her head to pieces--which would have been a relief.
But on reflection he decided that what he had witnessed was no real sense of security, still less a real innocence.
Those in court had been wrought up to an irrational, but real sense of some monstrosity.
This inspires loyalty, teamwork, a passion for growth and innovation, and a real sense of freedom by advancing our human and intellectual capital.
It's not quite a stage in the real sense, but not quite theater in the round.
His show had a real sense of kindness and a very long-term commitment to children.
We're glad to be working with Vance on this project - they're a forward-thinking publishing entity that has a real sense of where the future of online media needs to be," said AlphaZeta CEO Michael Davies.
With this new online tool and 'face-to-face' events like the November Burrill & Company Midwest Life Sciences Meeting, Indiana is building a real sense of connectivity between entrepreneurs and investors," continued Johnson.
There's a real sense of the enormity today,'' McClenahan said.