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The UAE deliberately announces the killing of Emirati soldiers from time to time to minimize the real size of its losses and its deaths in Yemen, whereas once a missile operation conducted by the Yemeni soldiers and Ansarullah resulted in more than fifty killed in Saffer in Marib governorate.
over 100 real size exhibits display the glory of the bygone era.
What it looks like, what its real size is, the small details that only you can see like the hairs on a bat, you remember those,' Goshi said.
Cricknay, 24, is a prop signed from Tonbridge Wells who is due back in this country next month and brings real size to the pack.
Fouad said that he demands finding the real size of the funds invested from pension funds, and the verification of other investment alternatives available.
But the real size of the country's gas reserves, including those of Kurdistan, are far larger.
But the real size of Iraq's oil reserves is far bigger - being conventional (see gmt18IraqGeo1May17).
When Cruz began asking about the real size of Supreme Leader Snoke, Pratt stepped up to answer it.
beaucoup moins que] The aim is to recognise the real size of this phenomenon nationally, [beaucoup plus grand que] she added, noting that this strategy required combined efforts of all stakeholders.
He added that at least that can be done by the Iraqi government is to expel the Turkish Ambassador from Iraq and the withdrawal of the Iraqi Ambassador from Turkey and the cut of diplomatic, trade and economic relations in order that the Ottoman Sultan knows his real size against Iraq and its people The Foreign Ministry has summoned on Wednesday the Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad to the Ministry building and handed him over a protest note and described it as "strongly worded" relating to the previous call, noting that the memorandum was concerning the latest "provocative" remarks launched by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq.
Tenders are invited for: Superblack coatings on real size opto-mechanical structures (ptrp) - expro plus
While I feel her pain, the reality is there is no real Size 14 or 16 or 10.