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Return; yield; pay or perform, as in charges or services.

To render judgment means to pronounce, declare, or state the decision of the court in a particular case. To render a verdict means that a jury agrees upon and returns a written decision into court and hands the decision to the judge sitting at the trial.


(Administer), verb accomplish, accord, bring about, conduct, contribute, dispense, execute, furnish, give, mete out, perform, preside over, provide, provide with, put into effect


(Deliver), verb communicate, confer, convey, execute, give, give back, hand down, hand over, impart, pass down, present, reddere, referre, set down, submit, surrender, tribuere
Associated concepts: render a judgment, render a verdict, render an accounting


(Depict), verb characterize, construe, define, delineate, describe, detail, elucidate, illustrate, interpret, outline, picture, portray, record, represent, reproduce, set forth, show, sketch, translate
See also: administer, allocate, avail, bear, bear the expense, bequeath, bestow, cede, construe, contribute, define, discharge, dispense, offer, pay, perform, present, proffer, rebate, recite, recount, remit, satisfy, supply, tender, transact, yield

RENDER. To yield; to return; to give again; it is the reverse of prender.

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New User Interface showing real-time rendering in-vehicle offers consumers a beautiful, cinematic in-car experience
Studio's real-time rendering features include proprietary algorithms for anti-aliasing, transparency, environment mapping, and shading.
Using solidThinking's conceptual 3D modeling capabilities, visualization interface and fast real-time rendering, designers can model, render and share their projects on the fly, from architecture and automobiles to electronic devices, jewelry, product packaging and yachts.
The project is visualized in real-time rendering mode using SGI Onyx 3800 with 16 CPU, 32GB RAM and three Infinite Reality3 graphics pipes.
The walkthrough is highly realistic because the software renders the virtual environment at 60 frames per second, significantly faster than what can be achieved by traditional, non real-time rendering.
Intelligent management of computational resources enables enhanced utilisation of the GPU to enable real-time rendering of complex models and scenes with high frame rates when animating.
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TruVu Max - powered by HP workstations - delivers unsurpassed real-time rendering technology that simplifies some of the most difficult aspects of producing a compelling weathercast.
0 also includes tools for free form sketching, image retouching, curve and facet modelling, 3G painting and real-time rendering.
3 Real-Time Rendering Toolkit For Linux Available Free

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