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Return; yield; pay or perform, as in charges or services.

To render judgment means to pronounce, declare, or state the decision of the court in a particular case. To render a verdict means that a jury agrees upon and returns a written decision into court and hands the decision to the judge sitting at the trial.


(Administer), verb accomplish, accord, bring about, conduct, contribute, dispense, execute, furnish, give, mete out, perform, preside over, provide, provide with, put into effect


(Deliver), verb communicate, confer, convey, execute, give, give back, hand down, hand over, impart, pass down, present, reddere, referre, set down, submit, surrender, tribuere
Associated concepts: render a judgment, render a verdict, render an accounting


(Depict), verb characterize, construe, define, delineate, describe, detail, elucidate, illustrate, interpret, outline, picture, portray, record, represent, reproduce, set forth, show, sketch, translate
See also: administer, allocate, avail, bear, bear the expense, bequeath, bestow, cede, construe, contribute, define, discharge, dispense, offer, pay, perform, present, proffer, rebate, recite, recount, remit, satisfy, supply, tender, transact, yield

RENDER. To yield; to return; to give again; it is the reverse of prender.

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3 for Linux, a real-time rendering toolkit for Intel processor-based systems running Linux.
Despite the A-buffer's success in offline renderers it has not been adopted by the real-time rendering community due to its unbounded memory requirements and generally low performance.
With the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400 under the hood of both our new Avid Symphony Nitris system and the latest version of Avid DS Nitris, we're ensuring that our customers have access to leading-edge graphics and real-time rendering capabilities.
Part of the V5 portfolio, Photo Studio and Real-Time Rendering allow users to generate easily and quickly high quality photo-realistic images and animations of parts and products.
Flight simulator in 3D - visitors are able experience a "cockpit" view as they fly over Salt Lake City, UT and see real-time rendering and image distribution.
Users can also conduct solar studies and shading analyses as well as publish models so that they can be visualized in the real-time rendering environment of Bentley LumenRT.
On the horizon are rapid, possibly even real-time rendering capabilities, thanks to the advances in simple off-the-shelf graphics cards (GPUs), like those used to power popular home videogame systems.
The topics include a biologically derived approach to tissue modeling; real-time rendering of radially distorted virtual scenes for endoscopic image augmentation; the virtual terrorism response academy; a study of the video image presentation for the manipulation of forceps; and virtual surgical planning and CAD/CAM in the treatment of cranial defects.
The NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 SDI graphics-to-video-out solution performs real-time rendering, high-precision video color conversion, and gamma correction.
eruptionST enables automatic real-time rendering for images for each eye (Graphic: Business Wire)
Continuing, Smith said Pre-visualization capability when creating stunning, experiential events including real-time rendering of same is increasingly important in the creative plans of entertainment designer and creative visionaries.

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