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A realignment can be thought of as a sustained and durable change in the partisanship and voting behavior of the electorate overall.
It is much more realistic to suppose that private sector agents believe that a realignment is motivated by a desire to boost aggregate demand.
In fact, the battles Hunter describes do not define a full-scale national cultural realignment, because, for one, the participants are struggling over issues most often of interest only to factions of competing elites, not to an engaged larger public.
Under the realignment Coca-Cola will cease to be directly interested in bottling operations in Mainland China.
Sekinari Nii that implementation of the realignment is important for Japan to maintain deterrence and ease the overall burden of local communities.
Speaking reporters about the Powell-Cho meeting, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said, ''They discussed the realignment of U.
Despite the attractiveness of the realignment perspective and its importance to American democratic thought, it recently has fallen into disfavor.
The National Energy Board (NEB) will hold a route realignment hearing in Chilliwack, BC in early 2018, to review a proposal by Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC to relocate nearly two kilometres of the previously approved general pipeline corridor within the city.
6%) favour primary realignment compared to suprapubic (SP) tube with delayed repair (15.
Realignment, he said, simply means the old has been discarded because it has run out of its effectiveness, while the new is adopted because it offers richer opportunity and brighter potential for power.