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Safire's view on political realignments runs into trouble when set side by side with reality in the Philippine setting.
The chairman of SunTrust Banks, Inc (NYSE: STI) has announced a realignment of the company's banking franchise.
It is possible the Air Force could make realignment decisions in August after the Air Force submits its budget for fiscal year 2008, Norgren said.
Rumsfeld's closure and realignment recommendations at a Pentagon news conference May 13.
However, comparing financial statement data to reveal the underlying factors leading to auditorclient realignments may not be the only viable methodology.
Realignments are insurgent-led polarizing events producing a new
While our model rests on a shift in electoral outcomes from one party to another, we are not saying that partisan realignments (past or present) are strictly unidirectional.
In other words a realignment would cause the private sector to expect more frequent realignments in the future.
Brett today requested the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) reconsider the Department of Defense's proposal to close several military bases in New England, resulting in the loss of more than 14,000 defense jobs and having "a detrimental effect on the region and on our nation's military.
Sherman said the base realignment and closure process is important to the state, but not what the delegation needs to discuss today.
The closer we look, the more these "simple" realignments become movements over time, taking decades or multiples of decades to achieve their final form.
The Pentagon's list of BRAC candidates was issued Friday and is expected to start a flurry of activity from communities affected by the planned closures or realignments, as well as from land developers, investors and homebuilders interested in pursuing opportunities associated with base closures.