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Time must be traversed before the unity of effect is realised.
When man has realised Individualism, he will also realise sympathy and exercise it freely and spontaneously.
Christ made no attempt to reconstruct society, and consequently the Individualism that he preached to man could be realised only through pain or in solitude.
A few Russian artists have realised themselves in Art; in a fiction that is mediaeval in character, because its dominant note is the realisation of men through suffering.
It is doubtful at what particular time the unlucky Americans realised the presence of this new factor in the fight.
Never before had Bert Smallways seen pure destruction, never had he realised the mischief and waste of war.
Realised investment gains this year were CHF 884 million down, as expected, from last year's exceptional amount of CHF 3 431 million.
Excluding realised capital gains, operating income before tax of the three business groups, Non-Life, Life & Health and Financial Services, increased 43% in the first six months to CHF 1 308 million from CHF 913 million last year.
Excluding realised gains, Non-Life Business Group saw operating income rise 10% to CHF 517 million from CHF 468 million.