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1 After painting a realistic landscape onto the background, artists construct the floor.
Students will role-play as a development team and work together to analyze and create a plan to respond to a hypothetical Urban Development Authority Request for Proposal (RFP), affording them hands-on experience in deriving realistic solutions to land use and community design challenges.
The intent of realistic expectations management is to help residents and their families anticipate situations that might otherwise take them by surprise.
Consultation with officials at the proposed site enable HNT supervisors to design and implement a realistic role-play scenario based on the possible threat environment unique to that location.
ExamSim features a realistic test interface that simulates the actual certification exam experience on the learner's workstation.
Traditional financial reporting and risk measurement techniques are no longer sufficient for realistic risk measurement.
Subsetting can be used to create much smaller, yet realistic, test databases.
Only half of professional fundraisers participating in the study believe that their boards of directors "have realistic expectations of fundraising," and most feel that integrating fundraising activities within an organization and having boards with realistic expectations will dramatically improve the effectiveness of fundraising.
Common and realistic objectives must be chosen and agreed to by all: this includes the supplier, purchaser, engineering and operations," said Metso's Wheeler.
If employment at a work location is initially realistically expected to last for one year or less, but at some later date it is realistically expected to exceed one year, the employment is temporary until the date that the realistic expectation changes, and is not temporary after that date.
In the second lesson, we asked students to think of shapes that weren't realistic for the parts of the face.
Their modeling differs from previous experiments by including a more complex, realistic representation of the mantle's viscosity, or stickiness.