realistic attitude

See: pragmatism
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In her inspiring and pragmatic new book Sustainable Thinking: Ensuring Your Librarys Future in an Uncertain World, published by ALA Editions, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich shows that the first step towards a sustainable library is sustainable thinking: a determined yet realistic attitude that will help your library spot opportunities for institutional advancement, advocate for and safeguard operating funds, and generate intense loyalty from the communities you serve.
Muslim Indians need to analyze it with cool minds and realistic attitude.
Maybe in that sense Meursault has the more realistic attitude.
This realistic attitude will put Obama at odds with those who back his earlier tough position on Al Assad in both the US and abroad, but it follows on a recent statement by US Secretary John Kerry, in which he sought to square the circle by agreeing that Al Assad must go, but by being deliberately vague on when that would be required.
Appreciating the policy of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with reference to Kashmir, Saleem Gilani termed same as bold and called upon India to give away harsh stance and adopt realistic attitude to save South Asia from atomic war.
Taking a more realistic attitude to goals will make them achievable.
Ultimately, the greatest strength of Defending Beef Is Its realistic attitude.
They're waking up and smelling the coffee and taking a realistic attitude.
Poor Coleen Rooney would have done well to adopt my realistic attitude before packing.
Getafe head goach Luis Garcia said he has a realistic attitude about his club's chances Sunday.
Louis Donaldson of agents Naylors said: "There is only one suite now available, the recently vacated top floor (1,761 sq ft) and with RO Properties realistic attitude towards lettings and the quality of the space we hope to have a tenant soon.
Currently, there seems little sign that pay pressures will translate into industrial relations problems as employers and employees in North Wales continue to adopt a realistic attitude towards the economic situation in which we find ourselves.