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Realistically Yours is the author's first published novel, and is available now through CreateSpace and Amazon, priced at $9.
If the double is wearing a chiffon skirt in the original sequence, it will swish realistically in all of the new sequences too," New Scientist quoted Stoll as saying.
To work for any given individual, that desired outcome must be something that is realistically achievable.
If the government retains the investor model in the final regulations, it should put the realistically available alternative principle aside," TEI stated.
According to local property experts, pricing your home realistically coupled with good presentation, will set you well on the way to selling your home.
Anderson met in Toronto with the Canadian church's general secretary, Archdeacon Jim Boyles and treasurer Jim Cullen, to advise them that "the amount realistically being considered was $250,000, and to assure them (the lower figure) was not a lack of a show of support.
IN MY LAST YEAR IN COLLEGE I STARTED PAINTING REALISTICALLY partly, I think, because Minimal art was being well-meaningly shoved down my throat.
Gerard Houllier admitted Liverpool are now realistically going for fourth spot at best in the Barclaycard Premiership.
It is a steamy, lascivious and realistically chilling novel about how the extracurricular bedroom antics of a contemporary power couple leads to heartache and heartbreak.
Digital at the source, Image 1 delivers pure digital imaging that realistically renders patient anatomy for the cleanest, sharpest images.
Its xenon arc lamps are full-spectrum (UV, visible light and infrared) to realistically reproduce sunlight, sunlight through window glass and bright indoor lighting.
First, it illustrates that the ICC, dismissed by some as a trivial or powerless institution, realistically threatens U.