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Yes, in her latest blockbuster, the sight of Sandra Bullock, 54, making out with divine actor Trevante Rhodes, 29, caused people to question the realisticness of this relationship given the age gap.
Mosini boils Essays' most famous piece, 'The Methodology of Positive Economics' (hereafter F53) down to four propositions: (1) The only objective test of a positive theory's worth is its predictive success; (2) The realisticness of assumptions is not a test of a theory's worth because all theories inevitably contain unrealistic assumptions; (3) Evidence can only disprove a theory, never prove it to be true.
Maki, Uskali (1998) "'Realism' and 'Realisticness'", en Davis, John B.; Hands, D.
Realismo nos jogos, pode ser diferente do que se considera como real, e para tanto Galloway oferece uma saida dividida entre representacao da realidade (realisticness) e realismo social (social realism).