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Mediators indicated that once they were convinced a party had made an informed decision through reality testing, they were generally not concerned about the substantive outcome.
I have already suggested some problems, however--for example, the fact that we are always selectively aware of our environment, that "reality testing" is not well defined in a cognitive context, and that we do care about truth and falsity (thus we engage in reality testing in some sense) when we read fiction.
Fetish succeeds pleasures lost to realization and successful reality testing.
That posh bird's handbag - Going through reality testing.
This critical agency is the conscience, which operates in addition to the censorship of consciousness and reality testing.
The intent of examining the congruence between self-reports of ability and related activities and course work is to aid in reality testing and the development of self-concepts.
They demonstrated questioning, independence, creativity, and reality testing as they sought to take standard practices to renewed relevance.
Life-role planning portfolios were recommended as an effective tool that career educators and career counselors can use to help people develop the behaviors of planning, exploring, information gathering, decision, making, and reality testing.
It is in this movement back and forth between self-reflective, self-critical subjectivity and the reality testing of political exigency that readers must find "paths [of their] own" (137).
The ninth grade becomes reality testing," says Nancy Perry, executive director of the American School Counselor Association.
Our goal is to provide benchmarking numbers that are useful for tracking company performance, as well as for broad trend analysis and reality testing.