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9 million of realizable pay in 2012, a staggering increase of 31.
The major difference was the strong opposition of Orchestra's management to using net realizable value to value the company's subsidiaries.
Amortizing the amounts reported as assets over the estimated benefit period based on the proportion of current-period revenue from the advertising to probable remaining future revenue, subject to a net realizable value test.
An offer below his net realizable equity will be rejected.
The SOP is fairly clear in its explanation; the appendix defines it as "the value attributed to the reconstituted entity, as well as the expected net realizable value of those assets that will be disposed of before reconstitution occurs.
If, under the terms of employment, a taxpayer is required to contribute a percentage of his gross earnings to a retirement plan and the amount contributed, plus any increments, cannot be withdrawn until separation or retirement, these assets will be considered as having no realizable value.
75-2, Accounting Practices of Real Estate Investment Trusts, and three audit and accounting guides, Audits of Savings Institutions Audits of Finance companies (Including Independent and Captive Financing Activities of Other Companies) and Audits' of Banks, all supported carrying fore-closed assets at the lower of cost or net realizable value.