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Hence, this paper selects the RNG k-[epsilon] model and Realizable k-[epsilon] model to simulate the wind field.
While the original model treats the closure coefficient [C.sub.[mu]] in Equation 3 as a constant throughout the flow field, this coefficient is modeled in the realizable formulation as a function of the flow characteristics as given by Equation 4.
The rise in realizable pay among life insurers' chief executives has not, however, followed a straight line.
"[Realizable pay] is something compensation advisors push not that there are not advantages to the realizable pay metric," he adds.
However, over the past three years, the keywords that increased the most were pledging policy, realizable pay and shareholder outreach.
In contrast to pay opportunity, realizable pay is the actual cash bonus paid, the in-the-money value of stock options, the real value of restricted stock, plus the payout of performance plans.
The prediction of the flow of the continuous phase was obtained by solving the time averaged Navier-Stokes equations in connection with suitable closure models for turbulence (RNG and Realizable k-[epsilon]).
They capitalize effectively on existing plant infrastructure while creating a realizable economic return on an impressively short payback period for their clients.
The future for ATA drives looks bright and the use of this technology will likely continue to proliferate as long as the staggering difference in cost is realizable. One of the key reasons for the price delta is the volume at which ATA drives are produced.
"During the due diligence process we concluded that the synergies that formed the foundation of the transaction were not be realizable," said Stefan Bjorkman, managing director of Menire.
"We applaud vendor approaches that support the customer's vision with software to instantiate the vision, and well-designed metrics to later prove that the vision is in fact realizable."
But seeking justice was a lifelong endeavor--it became obvious to those who knew, read and learned from him that justice was not an unachievable ideal but a realizable objective.