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In this paper an approach for assuring that the voice of the customer specified value is being streamed during traditional and lean product realization processes is discussed.
In Table 2, anticipated housing and housing realization of Parand new town, based on master plan, are listed.
According to the company, adopting Cadence-centric Silicon Realization EDA solutions has enabled Spreadtrum to gain the advantages of time to market.
Second, this realization drives me out of the seminary and into the city in search of conversation with those whose acquaintance with Christ is less than full-time.
It noted that Burma, Nepal and Cambodia are among countries where the political system obstructs a path to the realization of people's rights.
Phil, the strategy our religious leaders have employed for preventing the realization of their fears has turned out to be the very means to their complete realization.
For energy intervals where more than half of the escape times computed for UCN realizations are numerically well determined, we predict the median escape time as a function of the midpoint of the interval.
According to BKPM record, realization of foreign investment in 2004 totaled US$ 4 billion falling short of the target of US$ 10.
Congress could treat the transfer at death of property encumbered with debt in excess of adjusted basis as a realization event to the extent of the debt, unless the estate demonstrates that the decedent had not obtained the loan and secured it with the property for tax avoidance purposes.
Revivio will utilise the solution from Realization so that it can meet development targets and ensure that its products are launched in the least amount of time possible, according to the company.
A sound benefit realization strategy will provide a process along with guidelines to measure actual benefits and a means to hold people accountable for results.