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First we consider the problem of edge-disjoint realization of two tree degree sequences without common leaves.
Cumulatively, the realization of investment in the first half of 2018 reached Rp361.6 trillion.
In this paper an approach for assuring that the voice of the customer specified value is being streamed during traditional and lean product realization processes is discussed.
In table 1, anticipated housing and housing realization for new town of Hashtgerd during different periods are seen.
Developer of electronic designs and integrated circuits Cadence Design Systems Inc (Nasdaq:CDNS) announced on Thursday that baseband and RF processor solutions provider Spreadtrum Communications (Nasdaq:SPRD) migrated to the Cadence Silicon Realization flow and taped out its first 40nm low-power chip.
Second, this realization drives me out of the seminary and into the city in search of conversation with those whose acquaintance with Christ is less than full-time.
It noted that Burma, Nepal and Cambodia are among countries where the political system obstructs a path to the realization of people's rights.
Phil, the strategy our religious leaders have employed for preventing the realization of their fears has turned out to be the very means to their complete realization.
Anson Thrower, CFO of Contec Inc., a South Carolina manufacturer of diversified industrial products and a member of FASB's Small Business Advisory Committee (SBAC), as well as FASAC, notes that "the definition of revenue based on the concept of an earnings process has always been flawed." He says that as far back as the 1960s, then-University of Kansas Professor Robert Sterling demonstrated that the terms embodied in the standard definition of that time--revenue, realization, earnings process and exchange transaction--were redundant synonyms and, therefore, circular, repetitious and ambiguous.
BKPM, therefore, could issue the business license based on the report of investment realization by the investors.
It could repeal the gift tax and treat a gift as a realization event, unless the donor elects to continue to be treated as the owner of the property for all income tax purposes.