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An open question is whether one can consistently estimate the probability density function of escape times for an ensemble of realizations even though we cannot, in general, determine the escape time for all realizations in the ensemble.
We bin computed escape time data from simulated realizations of UCNs according to energy, and empirically model the logarithm of the median escape time for each bin as a function of the bin midpoint, [bar.
We draw N realizations of a random integer that is uniformly distributed between 1 and N.
In the context of the mystical experience, this "light of life" or "light of wisdom" is that inner pristine awareness which, when experienced by itself, free from the boundaries and limitations of thought, awakens the mental faculties that make possible the realization of the Divine.
3) Third, there is a noticeable light source, a strategically placed window or flame, symbolizing the power the light of realization has over ignorance.
The veil of ignorance is removed, leaving the faculties of realization fully and permanently awakened.
Including studies of the real-world performance of fractal resonators and sensitivity analyses of suspended substrate realizations, this is a definitive resource for both practicing engineers and students who need timely insight on fractal resonators for compact and low-power microwave and RF applications.
Pierre Jarry and Jacques Beneat are the authors of the bestselling book Advanced Design Techniques and Realizations of Microwave an RF Filters, published by Wiley-IEEE Press and available also in electronic form.
A much more profoundly rooted code of behavior and action arises naturally from the direct realizations that come while seated quietly in deep stillness.
The realization was like the drop of a pebble in a pond.
FRP's DAP price realizations for the second quarter of 1996 averaged approximately 6 percent higher than year-ago levels and sales of 809,900 tons of phosphate fertilizer products were approximately 7 percent higher than the second-quarter 1995 level.