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Maxine has her snack, and then cleans her dishes, as well as any others in the sink, because she realizes that not everyone has the time.
This is a translation engine based on dictionary storing of each word's lexical rules that can easily expand both general translation rules and individual translation rules for fixed form expression, and which realizes excellent software downsizing and enhancement of translation quality.
Stand on gays: Being gay is considered an abomination, but gays can become members of the church as long as they realize they can change their sexual orientation.
I have forced myself to question my own ethics and morals to understand why I believe in them and I have realized, and been encouraged to realize, I am a unique learner and if I understand a concept differently than the person next to me, that's great (Shawna).
But how many people realize that most bearings that fail have not yet realized half their design life?
To illustrate, as companies continue to downsize (to maintain higher levels of productivity with given labor inputs), they realize they will not require the number and mix of workers they needed in the past.
2*: Fast IP Handover Technology: This is a proprietary mobility support technology of NEC, which realizes fast handover of IP through the exchange of route registration between layered routers.
I think they realize barter is beyond the cutting edge.
Under the proposed regulations, such shareholders are required to recognize the gain (but not the loss) they realize on the exchange.
Despite this, state authorities cannot guarantee that taxpayers will realize incentives to the fullest extent committed.