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She realizes that all this is important: to reduce films that are not diagnostic, meaning that they have to be retaken, and also to ensure that a quality image is projected in all that is done for the patient.
Through adoption of an acoustic look-ahead technique that can reduce word-search space, NEC's proprietary speech recognition method realizes acceleration of the entire interpretation process, dividing it into three steps comprised of recognition processing, reconstruction and maintenance of accuracy.
In contrast, if the taxpayer instead sold the stock into the market and used the sale proceeds to settle the forward contract, the taxpayer would realize gain or loss on both the stock (equal to the difference between the taxpayer's basis therein and the amount realized on the sale) and the forward contract (equal to the amount of cash delivered to the forward contract counterparty).
As a result, the taxpayer doesn't realize a loss on the transaction until that date.
Feiler realizes "that this trip had begun to affect me some place deep in my body .
It isn't just sex, Mary Sue realizes, as she remains relentlessly gray in spite of several make-out sessions.
The exchanging shareholder must recognize the gain it realizes on the exchange unless it includes in income (as a dividend) its all earnings and profits amount.
This development enables real-time transmission of large volumes of image and voice data from mobile vehicles such as trains and cars, which is expected to realize the creation of a variety of solutions in the future.
1031 and 752, when an exchange straddles two years, partners could realize income in the year the partnership relinquishes property subject to debt, even though, in the following year, the entity timely receives replacement property encumbered by debt equal to or greater than the relinquished property's debt.
AutoNation's scale allows it to realize synergies and achieve cost savings not available to many of its competitors.
1033 (two years after the close of the tax year in which the taxpayer realizes any gain (or four years after a Predentially declared disaster)).
Organizations realize a lower total cost of ownership with SafeWord's non-expiring tokens and the ease of management offered by SafeWord PremierAccess.