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Generally, realness serves two primary functions for members of the ballroom community.
But to ensure the realness of Myshkin and to achieve a greater degree of his literary answerability, Dostoevsky tried to make him more human, like Don Quixote.
Realness requires adherence to certain performances, self-presentations, and embodiments that are believed to capture the authenticity of particular gender and sexual identities.
I want realness on the plate, I want realness in the produce and I want realness in the people," he told the viewing public who tuned in to watch Marco's Great British Feast (ITV1).
There's a realness to track and field athletes, a realness that solidifies the connection between competitor and fan.
Your lyrics resonate with realness, especially on stage when you sang about begging that man to stay.
It's not as if we've not been guilty of this at Old fields, but we're trying to change and respect the realness of the food.
Its very realness is one of the epiphanies of the national yule log.
Bringing live animals to the classroom with their movements, sounds, and even smells always adds excitement and a realness to the lesson that pictures do not.
The realness of the characters makes the story believable, and it moves at a decent pace.
real" hip-hop alternately being posited as thug realness or Afrocentric Blacker-than-thou posturing), combined with the continuing internal fractures of the latter along class and aesthetic fissures (alt-country, neo-traditionalists and "young country" artists), provide a space for intentional and implicit statements on race and class ascension in a fashion not nearly as immediate in other genres.
Total pandemonium: kids shooting spitballs and misbehaving in church, which would have been very destructive of the realness of the real.