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Please know that our Realtor family is standing strong beside you, ready to lend a hand and help in whatever way we can.
Wartime, however, also transformed the ranks of realtors as women, for the first time, found their way into the ranks of the profession.
And, thanks to NAREB (which changed its name to NAR in 1974), the role of the realtor within those trends has remained the same.
Northridge-based Realtor Winnie Davis said if the Valley kept some of the tax dollars now going to other parts of Los Angeles, it could improve the quality of residents' lives by attending to basic needs.
The realtor community expresses enthusiasm about this program, readily welcomes the police into their world, and continues to show support with the police department.
Central Oregon Association of REALTORS & MLS of Central Oregon -- Bend, Ore.
The local Realtor board "hearing" that hurled Ralph into bankruptcy court faulted him for seeking "unfair advantage over other Realtors" and failing to "avoid controversies with other Realtors.
Before the integration, consumers could only review survey results on social media channels, but they can now easily access this information on realtor.
The BRONX-MANHATTAN North Association of REALTORS (BMAR) is a professional trade association officially representing the real estate industry since 1924 and is the local chapter of the New York State and National Association of Realtors (NAR) with over 1,000,000 members.
The MCI program is so strong, it not only makes sense for our members, it's a profitable proposition for any REALTOR association.
Weist Rookie of the Year Award, followed in 1990 by being named the South Metro Denver REALTOR of the Year.
If the lender finds variances between the tenants listed in the rent roll and those reported by Coles or to DHCR, the broker or realtor should help us determine whether these differences are material or can be attributed to normal vacancies and turnovers.

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