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annual assessment reports based on the Regional Reanalyses performed with validated data, to serve as a reference document on the status of air quality in Europe,
From 2011 to 2013, a total of four separate reanalyses have revealed several measures of biological harm to children in a clinical trial lasting seven years.
Other reanalyses have also cast doubt on Lott's findings, including my own study, currently in press at U.
The court of appeals affirmed on the basis that the unpublished reanalyses did not meet the requirement set forth in Frye v.
Objective: An ensemble system of regional reanalyses will be developed and run for the climatological time scale.
That controversial contention gets the statistical rug pulled out from under it in two reanalyses of the most extensive sample of mitochondrial DNA studied earlier.
Contract award: computer intensive production dedicated to the manufacture of reanalyses.
To this the group added reanalyses of two previous surveys of spiral galaxies.
A quality control program including duplicate sample analyses, random blanks, and multiple reanalyses of sample splits, as recommended by SGS Laboratories of Lakefield, Canada ("SGS") has been used for all of this work.
Contract notice: Computer intensive production dedicated to the manufacture of reanalyses
The purpose of these reanalyses and inspections has been to verify the platform s strength in various weather and load conditions.
Together with intercomparing different reanalyses, CORE-CLIMAX will contribute to establish a European truly coupled gridded re-analysis which incorporates full exchanges and interactions between atmosphere, ocean, land, including the hydrological cycle.