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ecmwf as the entrusted entity for the copernicus climate change service (c3s) invites tenders for activities to support climate reanalysis by extending the coverage and quality of input data from the data-sparse past.
CA methods have been developed for linear static reanalysis and eigen-problem reanalysis [30-34], where large computational cost reductions have been shown (factor of 5 to 10).
In the following we briefly outline the development and preliminary results of a new reanalysis of the historical state of Chile's coastal ocean, named the Chilean Ocean State Estimate (COSE).
The reanalysis produced two significant findings, which collectively accounted for all of the heterogeneity between the assessed studies.
Reanalysis of Pogorelov's samples from Beijing 2008 resulted in a positive test for the prohibited substance dehydrochlormethyltestosterone (turinabol).
Computational Efficiency Improvements in Topography Optimization using Reanalysis," SAE Int.
LONDON: Nearly two-dozen athletes tested positive in reanalysis of their doping samples from the 2012 London Olympics, adding to the more than 30 already caught in retesting from the 2008 Beijing Games.
Several reanalysis techniques have been proposed to reduce the computational cost including Parametric Reduced Order Modeling (PROM), Combined Approximations (CA), and the Modified Combined Approximations (MCA) method.
WMO combines three internationally-renowned observational datasets with those from sophisticated reanalysis systems.
Yet SafeMinds still want to see a reanalysis of the data, despite the researchers saying they gave their data to an independent statistical consultant.
Furthermore, the reanalysis uncovered "clinically significant" increases in psychiatric harms in the paroxetine group and cardiovascular effects in the imipramine group, said Dr.