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This proposal was made by Kayne (1981) who postulated an abstract preposition in Comp which transmits Case to the infinitival lexical subjects after undergoing a (successful) process of reanalysis with the matrix verb.
Incurred sample reanalysis has become an accepted way to assess the quality of bioanalytical assays.
Reanalysis fields are derived from climate model simulations that assimilate all available meteorological data and do the best possible job of constructing detailed 3D meteorological fields for times in the past: numerical weather hindcasts.
Rather the interesting cases of degrammaticalization all involve reanalysis of some sort or another.
'ISTI Article 4.7.3 mandates that a retention and reanalysis strategy be put in place.'
The purpose of the consultation is to contribute to the development, evolution, documentation and validation of global reanalysis and OMIs products disseminated in the GLO MFC.
Five weightlifters, including two Olympic champions, have been provisionally suspended after reanalysis of urine samples provided during the 2012 London Olympics, the International Weightlifting Federation announced on Monday.
The authors are undertaking a thorough reanalysis of the data.
The second installment of the draft guidance, which will be released later this year, will focus more on VAs and training requirements, while the third will concentrate on corrective action, verification, reanalysis and recordkeeping requirements.
Reanalysis of the American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study II (ACS CPS II)
A reanalysis of a prehistoric dog that was buried with two people reveals that the animal had experienced several bouts of potentially lethal illness.