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'For these reasons, and in order not to duplicate storage and reanalysis costs, which are extremely costly, the EOC has not put in place any kind of ongoing reanalysis program to reanalyze the samples at a future date, entrusting this to the IFs and those Nados that may have an interest.
District election commissions should check the voter lists, reanalyze information and statistical data received from the relevant authorities, and, after specifying the provisional lists for the respective constituencies within their authority, submit them to the CEC by April 5.
In this context, I expect parties to reanalyze their stands and I am obliged to respect their decision, because I am work with them", stated Xhaferi in an interview for MIA.
The platform will use a model of immediate publication followed by transparent invited peer review, with inclusion of supporting data, enabling researchers to reanalyze, replicate, and reuse the data, all of which will help to improve the repro ducibility and reliability of the research it publishes ( OpenResearchFINAL.pdf).
This department may be asked to reanalyze some critical evidence in the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer cases ever since the government hinted at retrying these legal cases in which coup plotters were convicted for the first time in the history of the nation.
The coalition will bury the conversion bill and presumably reanalyze the budget.
Many times in the last 20 years, I have been forced to stand back and reanalyze my businesses and make adjustments.
To prepare for that day, scientists are using new techniques to reanalyze the 1906 earthquake and predict how bad the damage might be when the next one happens.
The entire instrument can be physically inverted to reanalyze on the same sample.
They reanalyze existing loan-approval and loan-performance data and devise new tests for detecting discrimination in contemporary mortgage markets.
As a result of fluctuations in rates, we may be undergoing a transition phase in real estate financing as banks slow down, reanalyze lending strategies of the past few years which were based on historically low interest rates, and focus on redefining lending parameters with a long-term view.
NEW YORK -- A new study commissioned by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) concludes that major advertisers in the United States should reanalyze the way they allocate marketing resources in relation to the Hispanic population.