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"The Parliament is heavily dependent on three parliamentary groups, therefore it is pointless to make any effort to reanimate it or to imitate activity," Tsacheva commented.
"All of them should realize their responsibility and stop attempts to undermine the process of preparing the conference, with a purpose to reanimate the military scenario," the Russian top diplomat said.
Reluctant warrior, I hung back to watch those crumpled forms reanimate,
London, Jan 30 ( ANI ): While the nation mourned the death of George Washington, a mad scientist planned to reanimate the first president with lamb's blood after he died.
Yet the effect has been to revitalise and reanimate the public realm.
explores the curious history of pet cloning, from its roots in a 1928 experiment in which a German biologist replicated a salamander, to the present, when scientists are only too willing to help doting dog-owners reanimate their canine companions.
Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Ali Shami, received on Tuesday Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) representative, Ambassador Abdallah Abdallah who informed him of latest developments regarding Palestine cause, and negotiations which rose after the Israeli government stood as a stumbling block in the way of international efforts, among which the American endeavors to reanimate the negotiations process.
According to media reports, efforts to try and reanimate him lasted for 40 minutes.
"Falwell keeps threatening to reanimate the Moral Majority," quipped Lynn.
Victor knows that all of them would condemn his unhallowed endeavor to reanimate dead human tissue, so he sutures in the shadows, keeping his horrible handiwork a dark, Byronic secret.
Worse, when confronted by less-than-terrific results from free market experimentation, wizened First World economists suddenly reanimate as 19th-century snake oil salesmen, prescribing more of the same tonic that ails us: "Been trying it for 20 years and your people are still starving, your foreign debt is even larger, and your politicians more corrupt?