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1) Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation, Kafkas University School of Medicine, Kars, Turkey
Facial reanimation was attempted in 214 of the 221 patients (97%).
The inclusion criteria was an anesthesiology or reanimation specialist in Turkey.
8) After approximately six months to one year of paralysis, the motor end plate of the muscle has a decreased capacity for reanimation, and more drastic repair techniques are indicated.
25PM With hired help, an ant colony fends off greedy grasshoppers in Pixar's magnificent reanimation of Seven Samurai.
That was before Heraclix's reanimation (along with the sewn-together pieces and parts of many other dead people) and Pomp's near murder at the hands of an evil necromancer.
He was extended an urgent medical assistance and after the reanimation he was transferred to the Surgical Clinics of the Medical Faculty in Skopje.
According to a medical source of the Kasserine regional hospital, "the state of one of the wounded who is in reanimation, is stable and will be transferred to the Tunis military hospital, and the other left the hospital after receiving the necessary healthcare.
La victime est decedee dans l'ambulance qui le transportait a l'hopital, alors que le blesse a ete place en reanimation.
Reportedly Emre is still at a critical state of health and his treatment at the reanimation is continuing.
Volgograd Region Health Ministry representatives say four of the injured are in the reanimation department.
L'acteur marocain, toujours en reanimation, sous la responsabilite du Professeur Ali Kettani, specialiste d'anesthesie et de reanimation aux urgences chirurgicales, "commence a reagir un peu mais reste tout de meme dans le coma", a affirme M.