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They subsequently recommended masseteric nerve grafting as a superior method of smile reanimation.
The size of the practice and diversity of expertise is reflected in its 9 specialty centers: Skin Care and Age Management; Non-invasive and Surgical Facial Rejuvenation; Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery; Facial Reanimation and Peripheral Nerve Repair; Microsurgery and Hand Reconstruction; Breast and Body Cosmetic Surgery; Burns and Complex Wound Management; Breast Reconstruction Surgery; Post-Weight Loss Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
According to a medical source of the Kasserine regional hospital, "the state of one of the wounded who is in reanimation, is stable and will be transferred to the Tunis military hospital, and the other left the hospital after receiving the necessary healthcare.
Reportedly Emre is still at a critical state of health and his treatment at the reanimation is continuing.
L'acteur marocain, toujours en reanimation, sous la responsabilite du Professeur Ali Kettani, specialiste d'anesthesie et de reanimation aux urgences chirurgicales, "commence a reagir un peu mais reste tout de meme dans le coma", a affirme M.
Oleg Nikolaevich, who has been in a coma after being sunk in a 4-meter-deep air hole in the sand on the beach of Bulgarian town of Primorsko, is now conscious showing no signs for neurological problems or brain damage, stated doctor Anton Grogorov, the head of the reanimation department in the hospital where the boy had been accommodated.
It will also feature 10 beds for reanimation, outpatient clinics, an emergency ward for chest diseases, a paediatric unit and other medical facilities.
Je felicite egalement le Dr Nabil Eteto et son equipe de reanimation qui ont pu suivre les malades en post-operatoires malgre les coupures a repetition du courant electrique.
Cost of diagnostic investigations (laboratory tests, cranial CT and/or MRI for all patients; echocardiography and carotidvertebral doppler ultrasonography for ischemic strokes only) and treatment (costs of drugs, medical supplies, hospital beds, interventions, physical therapies, for all patients and reanimation unit services in patients who died) have been analyzed.
In 17 chapters, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, otolaryngologists, and other specialists from the US explain management of the dissatisfied patient, complications in the cosmetic office setting, and complications involving anesthesia, locoregional flap reconstruction of facial defects, skin resurfacing, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, brow rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, facelift, facial implantation and trauma repair, facial reanimation, surgical correction of congenital anomalies, orthognathic surgery, and hair restoration.