reap profits

See: gain
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The number of smokers in Pakistan has exceeded the 25 million mark as cigarette manufacturers continue to reap profits.
Criticism of domestic banks is rising, as they reap profits by raising lending rates and lowering savings rates amid the ongoing political turmoil.
Focus on strategic moves to reap profits on the professional front.
However, Adnaan added, the project is now on track to open in August, and looks set to reap profits within a year of its launch.
Pakistan is the only country in the region that offers investment friendly laws under which foreign institutions and individuals can invest with hundred percent equity and can reap profits without any impediment, remarked the President.
This will be achieved through the development of innovative and financially sustainable models of cooperatives so that farmers are better able to reap profits from their agricultural activities.
The book's bottom line is that resilient organizations have all the seize-the-day opportunity advantages of disruptive ones, plus survive and reap profits in the long term for all stakeholders.
Investing in Chinese banks ahead of their public floats has helped Western banks to reap profits in the past.
Although the company is struggling with its own smartphones and cameras, it has managed to reap profits from its CMOS sensor sales to competitors.
Leigh Arkle: "If they reduced the prices of foreign holidays in the summer hols then it would be fine, but the greedy holiday companies reap profits from people with no choice of when to have a holiday.
He explained that through his follow-up to market prices continuously, he did not find any "scary" descent to be considered an index slope of prices, noting that there are some speculators who want to reap profits, even with less than the previous margin through reducing the price of the land between kd 5,000 to 10,000 in order to tempt buyers and then search for other between opportunities.
The aviation watchdog said it expects global airline industry to reap profits of $10.