reap the fruits

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He said communal harmony was imperative to reap the fruits of democracy, adding that only peaceful coexistence of various communities would ensure that the democratic transition is not reversed.
On the relationship between the institute and Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Minister said that the State of Kuwait will begin in the coming period to reap the fruits of the first and biggest advisory project to train and develop human resources in government entities which is implemented by the Institute recently and includes 48 training programs.
I am confident that Bulgaria's next generation will feel the effects and reap the fruits of these efforts," said the Luxembourgeois PM.
Stressing on the need to plan for the future that is not less than 50-60 years, he said people should know that economic reforms would take time to reap the fruits and accordingly push the growth but "any decision-maker will feel more pain than those who will be affected by this decision making.
By September, we expect to reap the fruits of the infrastructure built for the electric cars and we may begin selling our electrical model in the domestic market of Turkey, Tunalioglu said.
A land of opportunity prospers when taxation is low, freedom is maximized, and incentives exist to invest and reap the fruits of one's labor.
They will allow our economy to remain resilient and reap the fruits when the world economy fully recovers," Mezouar said.
TRADITIONALLY Vaisakhi in Punjab had been a time for farmers to reap the fruits of their toil and a time for joy after the long-awaited harvest.
At stake is the chance to reap the fruits of addressing the many transnational issues UfM members share as one.
This autumn, audiences will reap the fruits of their hard work with a packed programme of events at the well-loved institution.
PLANT experts in the North East had to solve a poser if they were to reap the fruits of their labours at this year's Chelsea Flower Show.
Indeed, we reap the fruits of our success to mark the quality of the deal and fleet provided to Aramex, and we look forward to future partnerships.