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It was us, and now we reap the harvest of all these past successes: The Christian right has stolen our toolkit and is busily using it to demolish the human rights we so laboriously built.
Those governments will reap the harvest for their support and for those they kill.
If mortality gains are our preeminent source of potential profitability, only underwriters on the proverbial cutting edge dare hope to navigate the field of risks and thus reap the harvest.
But I hope it doesn't come to that and we're able to reap the harvest in the first 90 minutes.
Particularly in Spain, the surface area dedicated to hemp cultivation has increased enormously in the last few years, with some farmers happy enough with the subsidies provided for under the Common Agricultural Policy to let the crop rot underfoot rather than bothering to reap the harvest.
The preamble to Quebec's Declaration of independence affirms that the time has come to reap the harvest of history.