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All the facts of the animal economy, sex, nutriment, gestation, birth, growth, are symbols of the passage of the world into the soul of man, to suffer there a change and reappear a new and higher fact.
I watched the spot where he had disap-peared, and in a moment I saw his head reappear.
The nightmare of that flight down the Ugambi with the hideous horde racing after him by day and by night, now abreast of him, now lost in the mazes of the jungle far behind for hours and once for a whole day, only to reappear again upon his trail grim, relentless, and terrible, reduced the Russian from a strong and robust man to an emaciated, white-haired, fear-gibbering thing before ever the bay and the ocean broke upon his hopeless vision.
At the end of two months you can reappear or not, as you choose.
Never, in the years that followed, did he reappear.
When it did reappear, it had completely lost its charming mingled hues of deep red and brown; it was now of one monotonous light-brown color throughout.
The track which guided him was one so seldom used that in places it lost itself entirely among the grass, to reappear as a reddish rut between the distant tree trunks.
He had told nobody that he was going away; and as the days went by and he did not reappear, there was much gossip to the effect that he had committed suicide while temporarily deranged.
In the Gorgias too the statesmen reappear, but in stronger opposition to the philosopher.
From that moment it had never shown itself to their eyes-- a disappearance all the more easily explained, as it was then passing behind the moon's invisible disc; but when it was time for it to reappear on the visible disc, one may imagine the impatience of the fuming J.
No doubt it is a very surprising fact that characters should reappear after having been lost for many, perhaps for hundreds of generations.
Once more the Ghost bore away before the storm, this time so submerging herself that for some seconds I thought she would never reappear.