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This means that stars will disappear behind its bright limb, where you'll need a telescope to watch them go, and will reappear out from behind the Moon's dark limb, where binoculars may suffice.
Because the epic opens with the war already ongoing, Tucci sets the stage by providing historical background and reappears now and again to provide the abridgment with continuity.
Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot" becomes straight-ahead scat jazz; Jane's Addiction's "Been Caught Stealing" turns into pure funk; the Doors' "People Are Strange" reappears as a moody ballad, and Los Lobos' "Kiko and the Lavender Moon" ventures even further south of the border with an Astor Piazzolla-style Argentinean arrangement.
The music could be heard even when there was nothing to see on the wall; at times the piani st reappears, but mostly one sees nocturnal views of Vienna, accompanied by the sounds of the piano, without commentary.
An occultation or eclipse begins when the satellite disappears (D) and ends when it reappears (R).
After an eight-year hiatus, the Young Dancer section reappears in February 1952 and introduces a new generation of independent, sophisticated young dancers.
She and other researchers suspect that the active region, which again rolled behind the sun's visible disk on June 15, will fizzle out by the time it reappears at the end of the month.
When a dead body is discovered, the father who left Gracie and her mother when Gracie was just three years old reappears, and life on the island shifts into suspicion mode.
Prominent in Guineas betting and reappears in trial at Leopardstown on Sunday.