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director 9 To reappoint Danesh Varma as a 58,411,848
9 To reappoint Mazars LLP as auditors 59,528,843 800
Town Clerk Christine Furno also objected to the decision not to reappoint Mr.
The council voted May 15 to reappoint all three, but reversed that decision the following week, raising hopes among Burbank officials that a change in the lineup of Glendale commissioners was imminent.
Carlisle asked councilors to reappoint Kopelman & Paige, but the board was deadlocked at 4-4.
The council's options tonight are to reappoint all three commissioners; appoint new commissioners, including council members; or establish a recruitment and selection procedure for appointing new commissioners.
On Tuesday, motions to reappoint Glendale's three incumbents - Carl Meseck, Gerald Briggs and Carl Povilaitis - failed.
To reappoint Alan Thomson as a director of the Company
There was conjecture by some that the decision to not reappoint the Personnel Board members stemmed from voters turning down a portion of a town meeting article on May 12 that would have authorized hiring a human resources officer to oversee relations with town employees.
The move comes nearly a year after Davis declined to reappoint Studio City lawyer David W.
Assemblyman Robert Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, said Friday that he has asked to meet with Davis to discuss the governor's decision not to reappoint David W.