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Duterte likewise reappointed Ariel Nepomuceno and Teddy Raval as deputy commissioners of Customs, posts they previously held.
La Vina's appointment paper dated June 6 was released on Thursday to the media, along with the appointment of Manuel Serra Jr., who was recently reappointed by the President as member of the governing board of Philippine Coconut Authority after he was fired together with other commissioners of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor, including Avancena Aradanas for failing to meet regularly as a collegial body and for making unnecessary trips abroad.
He has immense experience in higher education and that is why the government has reappointed him as the chairperson of the commission,' the spokesperson said.
Rick Plummer, one of the five engineers reappointed, said he had a problem with saying the department will curtail its service to the mall.
Summary: William McChesney Martin, a Democrat, was twice reappointed to the job of Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve by Republican President Dwight D.
Communities Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP has (25 June 2019) reappointed Sir Edward Lister as Chair of Homes England, the governments housing accelerator.
Don't recycle him and reappoint him to another government position,' he said in a statement.
BERLIN - After a contentious, standing-room-only meeting, the Board of Selectmen last night reappointed the Board of Fire Engineers after firefighters agreed to draft a report on the costs and proposed savings of their service to Solomon Pond Mall.
Haire said last week after recommending that selectmen reappoint Mr.
Professor Anil Kashyap has been reappointed as an external member of the Financial Policy Committee (FPC).
Fisher, who was lauded by many at the meeting for her years of service, said a possible reason she was not reappointed by selectmen was that she had "bucked some things" that the Council on Aging was trying to accomplish.
Although Tetangco's term is set to expire in July this year, President Rodrigo Duterte is reportedly planning to reappoint him and have the law amended to allow the BSP governor to be reappointed more than once.