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In particular, my goal is to unpack the notion that the reapportionment decisions were relatively uncontroversial at the time and later.
Together the reapportionment and open primary reforms will cause a major shakeup in California politics for 2012, and there is a strong possibility that the makeup of the Legislature along with its legislative priorities -- will be considerably different.
Holmes says reapportionment will create a surge in the number of states that will have Republican governors, which will likely translate into legislative districts where more "people are going to be less liberal in voting for Blacks.
Tom Ross, a political consultant to the group, said it favors a citizens' commission responsible for reapportionment, but is open to other proposals.
To project future reapportionment, we began with the Census Bureau's projections of state-level resident populations through 2030, released in April 2005.
They operated in secret, controlled the Senate, and above all else protected their seats from reapportionment.
As executive director of the Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission, my job began in June, 1991 (after the Federal census) and didn't end until late 1994.
In the largest states, where reapportionment is adding or subtracting seats, action has been nil.
As affirmed by state representatives on the South Atlantic Council, states support this 50:50 reapportionment and will respond by implementing regulations compatible to Federal law.
The 2010 Census is the largest peacetime operation conducted by the federal government and is the basis for the reapportionment of congressional seats in the U.
BE-tter will bring about a partial reapportionment of management responsibilities.
According to the Albany Common Council "the reapportionment process is conducted every 10 years after new population figures are released in order to maintain electoral representation.