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Being more outgoing, interrupting rumination and using reappraisal seems to work best for men and women as a strategy for dealing with negative memories and cherishing the positive ones, she said.
Reappraisal of the support to tanzanian innovation system (tanzis) program (see itt and the terms of reference)
The scope of the reappraisal expanded to include multiple service line operations across the company supporting a diverse customer base.
The differences between passive religious deferral and the less endorsed subscales of demonic reappraisal (z = -6.
Hypotheses: In the light of literature it was hypothesized that there would be a significant relationship between depression and catastrophizing, positive reappraisal, putting into perspective, positive refocusing, other-blame, acceptance and refocus on planning in adolescents.
She said that for someone facing a stressful situation in which they have little control, such as a loved one's illness, the ability to use reappraisal should be extremely helpful - changing emotions may be one of the only things that he or she can exert some control over to try to cope.
We found that people trained in compassion were more likely to spend their own money altruistically to help someone who was treated unfairly than those who were trained in cognitive reappraisal," Weng said.
On the other hand, in gender studies it has been indicated that men and women report using reappraisal with comparable frequency in everyday life (Gross et al.
This investigation examined the relative influence of five types of spiritual coping on the outcome of bulimic symptoms; these five types of spiritual coping styles were: active religious surrender, passive religious deferral, benevolent religious reappraisal/spiritual support, punishing God/Higher Power reappraisal, and religious focus (Pargament et al.
After a town-wide reappraisal in 2010, officials in the Town of Dover (Town) set the property value at $525,000.
With no sign of pressure easing on already inadequate budgets, the time must be near when a radical reappraisal is undertaken on what public funds are spent on.
The bill would prohibit the reappraisal of performing loans even if there are safety or soundness issues, such as a significant change in market conditions.