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About one week later, they came to the lab to take part in a challenge designed to measure their cognitive reappraisal ability.
Both compassion and reappraisal trainings are available on the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds' website.
Scores on the BULIT-R and three RCOPE subscales (punishing God/Higher Power reappraisal, passive religious deferral, and religious focus) had skew and/or kurtosis values that were potentially of concern (Miles & Shevlin, 2001).
The court further found that Komitee was unable to overcome the presumption that the Town's assessment was valid, because the town justified its appraisal by relying on the best information available to it at the time of the reappraisal.
When the market estimate was higher than the county estimate, we would expect a gain after reappraisal.
Tatung, for instance, owns 450,000 ping (one ping equals 36 square feet) of land in Taiwan; according to institutional investors, reappraisal will enable the company to boost its book value to over NT$15 per share, more than double its value of NT$6.
Midwest Research Conference on Educational Research and a Reappraisal of Economic Development (1964: Chicago, IL) Ed.
It does not indoctrinate, because diversity, counter-argument, reappraisal, and qualification are its essence.
The "Medusa" series alone encourages a rereading of the artist's oeuvre in reverse-chronological order, requiring a thorough reappraisal of its complexity.
Allman suggests the five guidelines also offer a practical framework for the reappraisal of current policies and procedures.
The Tel Dan Inscription: A Reappraisal and a New Interpretation.
Van Horne, America's Curious Botanist: A Tercentennial Reappraisal Of John Bartram 1699-1777 is an anthology of essays by learned authors, most of which were first presented to Philadelphia's Bartram tercentenary conference in May 1999, concerning the contributions John Bartram and his contemporaries made to 18th-century botany and natural science.