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If the recent court decision voiding the 50 year phase in of reappraisals stands, however, some change in Montana's property tax law seems likely.
This adapted version of the SAM consisted of 33 items to determine appraisals and reappraisals of the four acute stressors identified in part 1.
Joel Carver of Springdale was one of the lucky ones during the last reappraisal.
School superintendents are often taking the lead in pursuing reappraisals, where in the past county judges or boards of equalization have initiated a review of property values.
In his novel Redding shows how some educated blacks failed to assume a vanguard position on the issue of racial uplift, a point often forgotten in the current Whiggish reappraisal of the Civil Rights Movement.
This litigious reappraisal coincides with a sweeping reassessment of property values throughout Pulaski County.