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Ms Curnock Cook said: "I can't wave a magic wand and pretend that they are going to have to do anything other than reappraise their aspirations."
They will advise on how to reappraise a business model as an independent to gain the most revenue from a practice.
VIENNA -- Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna suggested that the church could reappraise its restrictions on divorced and remarried Catholics, including admitting them to Communion.
Maybe this is the time to reappraise where the future of health visiting lies.
According to Impatex, a supplier of Customs processing systems, when ASM's monopoly over the ISDN link is ended, users should review how they connect to CCS-UK in future, and reappraise the software they use, as any accredited software provider can now link to CCS-UK via IPstream or Kilostream.
Occasionally a stimulus is not reported with certainty, in which case one has to reappraise. The incidence of this in the catheter study was 2.5%, and this number sounds about right for the needle.
Twenty years after its rise as the rallying cry of ACT UP, the words "Silence = Death" provide the platform to reappraise the state of AIDS awareness today on this intriguing electronic compilation.
Some sixty years after the Far Eastern War ended, this innovative collection brings together five distinguished UK-based scholars and five from Japan to reappraise their respective country's leadership in the Malaya and Burma campaigns.
TICK TOCK Rooibos will drive customers to reappraise the taste and properties of Rooibos tea.
The union chief said that "the aging of the population and the resulting constriction in labour supply as well as the international competitive situation" were the two reasons to reappraise working hours in Finland.
If he buys it from his siblings the county assessor will reappraise the property.
Recently, several exhibitions have brought the artist back into view: A pair of shows at the Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart and a retrospective at Magasin in Grenoble gave European museumgoers a chance to reappraise Goldstein's output, while last year's rehanging of Douglas Crimp's 1977 "Pictures" exhibition at Artists Space whetted appetites in the United States (see Artforum, October 2001).