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The union chief said that "the aging of the population and the resulting constriction in labour supply as well as the international competitive situation" were the two reasons to reappraise working hours in Finland.
If he buys it from his siblings the county assessor will reappraise the property.
Recently, several exhibitions have brought the artist back into view: A pair of shows at the Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart and a retrospective at Magasin in Grenoble gave European museumgoers a chance to reappraise Goldstein's output, while last year's rehanging of Douglas Crimp's 1977 "Pictures" exhibition at Artists Space whetted appetites in the United States (see Artforum, October 2001).
I think we need to reappraise whether we want him to run this organization, because what he is proposing would result in a sea-change from what we had at the NRB during the days of [former NRB President] Ben Armstrong and Brandt Gustavson," LaHaye said.
Thus the need for these countries to reappraise the concept of NIP and to embrace the national information and communications infrastructure (NICI) initiative is discussed in the wider context of national and regional development objectives.
Legal requirements to protect data is also forcing institutions to reappraise their security products.
Therefore, the computer really thinks the date is "1907" and when 2007 comes along, you miss sending that all important renewal option to get the cheap rent, or to reappraise, or whatever.
He has said that every citizen must have the right to reappraise his political views, including those held during the Hitler years, in the light of "subsequent experience and knowledge.
In corporate life, it is a smart move to reappraise the structure and procedures of your compensation committee.
Contract awarded for Purchase of services to prepare and reappraise 4 processes to cmmi for development - capability level 3
In this book, editor Isabel Ermida has collected fourteen critical articles that reappraise the continuing influence of Bram StokerAEs Dracula through literary, cinematic, televised, artistic, and dramatic adaptations of the work.
I BELIEVE Cardiff council should reappraise its policy on the proposed green maintenance charges to be imposed on clubs in 2015.