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CMMI(R) appraisal "expires" after three years, so Catapult was reappraised to maintain Level 3 designation.
The outcome is that the property was reappraised at a more realistic $18 million, and a marketing program started that was focused on tenants.
So several corporations have gone back and reappraised their resources, "discovering" that the original value and subsequent loss were greater than first thought.
5 million and hadn't had it reappraised, found that the value is now $9 million.
We have reappraised more Pennsylvania counties, involving more parcels of real property, than any other company and we are pleased that Fayette County chose CLT for such an important project.
For example, the number of properties reappraised after a sale or change of title totaled 219,000 during the current period, up 21 percent from last year, and accounted for $7.
The property is reappraised at the market value, or selling price, when it changes hands.
The Pasadena Blue Line needs to be reappraised in terms of cost per passenger and whether it will serve a significant number of commuters.
LCIF II), announced that in connection with negotiating the terms of the previously announced proposed merger transaction with Realty ReFund Trust, the partnerships reappraised the values of their properties.
These formulas are due to be reappraised by Congress this fall.
Properties that increase in value need only be reappraised when they undergo construction or a change in ownership.
Mike Farrell's house in the San Fernando Valley, for example, was reappraised only six months ago at $569,082 by the Los Angeles County tax assessor, a whisker more than its $569,000 asking price.