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Nepal's newly elected Maoists are currently reappraising the country's relations with the two giants it's nestled between -- India and China.
This essay has sought to reexamine the question of subjectivity in Hamlet by reappraising the significance of the Renaissance revival of philosophic skepticism; the continued debate between medieval views of the misery of man's life and the Renaissance celebration of existence; the particular importance of the commonplace in the theory and practice of dialectical and rhetorical topics.
Khatami is the first leader in decades to suggest reappraising revolutionary policies.
The current USFS policy is to interpret this mandate by reappraising sites at 5 percent of permitted use value, not highest and best use.
In this book, Allen provides academics and students in nursing, medicine, medical sociology, organizational studies, health management, and a variety of other related fields, with the empirical and theoretical foundations for reappraising the contribution of nursing to society.
Gross wanted to study the efficiency and the speed of the process of reappraising emotions.
Reappraising matters after the death of Countdown colleague Richard Whiteley 18 months ago, Carol says: "Losing Richard taught me that life is too short.
Thomas Carlyle resartus; reappraising Carlyle's contribution to the philosophy of history, political theory, and cultural criticism.
Reappraising the right; the past and future of American conservatism.
Risky work environments; reappraising human work within fallible systems.