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Plus a "Bicentennial Man" insight sure to make you blink, think, and reappreciate the man and his genius.
The threat to cut the arts grant in its entirety "makes you stop and rethink and reappreciate what you have", are the words he chose.
Readers will reconsider and reappreciate them for what they were: men simultaneously great and flail who "engaged in a creative argument between past and present about the future" (p.
have apparently abandoned any idea of national or local self-sufficiency, even in food," we need to reappreciate the importance, the value, of limits, attending to nature's own "elegant way of enriching herself within her physical limits by diversification [and] by complication of pattern" (Berry, 2002, pp.
And when you have a shock it makes you stop and rethink and reappreciate what you have.
We need to reappreciate both our uniqueness as diverse individuals--apart from monetary and income measures--and our embeddedness in local ecosystemic communities and webs of relationship; we need to allow ourselves a deep sense of place and a deep, even loving attachment to all the other lives which together constitute our own lives; and, we need en route to embrace values that defy any simplistic reduction to dollar signs.
I think people are starting to reappreciate the shape of traditional furniture and using this with modern materials and finishes.