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But before USDA may reapprove the variety so new seeds can be sold and planted, a full Environmental Impact Statement will be necessary.
Realizing that the property taxpayer would need an incentive to reapprove the sales tax, and especially to remove the sunset clause, city leaders promoted a "something for everyone" idea: the sales tax revenues would be allocated for property tax relief, infrastructure and economic development.
The FDA banned it is 1970 in a cancer scare, but is now widely expected to reapprove it.
Government must help farmers move away from controversial chemical Reacting to todays decision by European governments to reapprove the controversial pesticide glyphosate for a further five years, Friends of the Earth food and farming campaigner Clare Oxborrow said: Relicensing glyphosate for five years, with no restrictions, is a backward step for our health and environment, and disincentivises urgently needed research into alternatives.
Stockholders will vote on nine nominees for the board of directors and to reapprove the annual incentive plan for senior executives.
Draft regulations implementing the legislation were published in November 2004, but a technical flaw in the act required that Parliament reapprove it, which it did on May 5, 2005.
2001: Voters narrowly reapprove project and broadly reject a proposal to improve existing streets instead.