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The dimension of the accidents increased when taxi driver hit the concrete mixer from the rear end and have caused him injured.
The car with front and rear end damage contained two patients, a man and a woman who are believed to be in their 30s, both of whom had to be cut free from their vehicles.
In the photograph for the new arty coffee-table book 'Asleep at the Chateau,' the former wife of French basketball player Tony Parker is seen lying down with a white bed sheet casually covering her legs, while her bare back and rear end face the camera, the Daily Mail reported.
The model has a rear end similar to that of a WWII squadron of African American P-51 Mustang fighter planes, better known as red Tails.
PANAYIOTIS Athienodorou, 84, a resident of Pissouri, died last night when the car he was driving crashed into the rear end of a lorry.
While the percentage of UK motorists being involved in collisions has been falling steadily for several years rear end shunts have not followed this trend.
Unusually, the rear tailgate is hinged to the side so that the entire rear end can be opened up entirely, which also makes the vehicle wheelchair-friendly.
These are more frequent and more severe than severe rear end crashes.
It enables the rear end to be opened as a conventional boot or a full tailgate including the rear window.
The young man was hit in the rear end with a load of buckshot, stopping his escape.
It is a long bar with rubber bushings on both ends that attach to the frame on one end and to the rear end housing on the other end.
When I do apply the brakes, my rear end spins out and I have to stop, just one wheel on the grass.