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52) [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'news came from the tundra: reindeer rearers from summer pastures had-gone-away'.
After the success of the Dorm2Go, Rearer said the company is working on other packages that will work with its trademarked "2Go" concept.
At weaning, the calves are fed up to 3kg of heifer rearer over two feeds in addition to ad lib barley straw.
The fashion bedding and bath supplier is introducing its first line of freestanding bath accessories at the home textiles market in October, according to Alison Rearer, manager of bath and accessories.
They're pictured with Kevin's dad Glyn, calf rearer Dominika Rabcewicz and herdswoman Janet Fowles
Under the supermarket's 360[degrees] Sustainable Dairy Calf scheme, farmers will receive 30[pounds sterling] per calf from a rearer in Wales, who will grow them to about 180kg deadweight and put them into Asda's standard beef range.
Kirkland, who works as a fish rearer at the Kielder Salmon Hatchery, said: "It is a wonderful feeling being fully fit again after so many setbacks since 2005.
A recent case, following a loss, highlighted that a rearer - though he was not responsible for the loss of the birds - discovered the owners' insurers felt he was responsible for them.
Alison Rearer, manager bath and accessory division for Revman reported: "We are doing more freestanding ceramics and towels, taking the same concept as our coordinated bedding and using it in the bathroom with solid basic prints and unique shapes and designs in accessories.
Mohammad Nasir Sial, a landlord near Kacha Khoh area in Khanewal, who also claims to be one of biggest peacock rearer in the country, while talking to reporter here on Sunday said that he had been rearing peacocks for 35 years.
We are distressed and don't know what to do," said Dilip Kumar Saha, poultry rearer.