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He said fever caused by hot weather did not kill animals and cattle rearers should give Paracetamol or Brufen syrup to fever affected animals and keep them at shady places.
Self-medication by livestock rearers, possible development of resistance to commonly used anti-fasciola drugs and watering of cattle herds with snail infested water, owing to water scarcity, are other reasons.
Let's talk about our internal challenges on the home front in Nigeria: the political cum civil unrest, or the soil erosion threatening life and properties across the western and eastern parts of Nigeria, or even to document the desert encroachment challenging the cattle rearers in the northern region.
There is not a nexus between coital infertility and a couple's adequacy as child rearers.
CALVES raised on their mothers' milk and on grass during the best months of the year is a central element in the reputation for quality earned by Brecon and Radnor Suckled Calf Rearers.
The respondents were classified as marginal rearers, (having 200 flocks) and small rearers (having more than 200 flocks).
Inside the Gir sanctuary, there are 375 families of Maldharis, a traditional forest-dwelling community of vegetarian cattle rearers.
In short, their contribution to the family economy, whether they worked as agricultural labourers or as cattle rearers is not replaced with anything else.
Scientists say the cloning would considerably increase the yield of pashmina wool that fetches handsome money to the rearers in the tribal area of Changthang in Leh, as well as those engaged in handicraft.
The plant is available in nearly all parts of Bangladesh; however, it is not used by the cattle rearers of Birishiri.
30 [pounds sterling] for pig breeders or breeder rearers respectively.