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Since silkworms cannot adjust their body temperature according to surrounding temperature, the rearing room needs to be heated during the first days of feeding using the stove or electric heaters (Gulseren and Sipahioglu, 1992).
The aim of this study was therefore, to calculate the amount of the heat needed by the silkworm during the three different rearing periods, and to determine optimum economical rearing period.
In order to plan a naturally ventilated silkworm rearing room with a 20.
Three periods of spring rearing of silkworm were considered; first rearing period started on April 20, the second on April 27 and the third on May 1 (Anonymous, 2013a,b).
Inal (2000) determined that the 1st instar period including feeding and moulting lasted 4 days, 2nd period 3 days, 3rd period 4 days, 4th period 6 days, 5th period 9-10 days, thus, making total silkworm rearing period of 26-27 days.
There were three leaves rearing stands with four tiers (1x2.
Physical properties of structural elements of the planned silkworm rearing room.