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While the rearmost seats on the Grand Scenic are realistically only for children the car itself is nearly 10 inches longer than the five seat model.
An abundance of storage around the cabin includes a cubby hole on top of the dash, two in the roof and two in the rear footwell, plus compartments in the boot - so those in the rearmost seats have somewhere to stow their stuff too.
Plus in the rearmost position, you get almost limousine-like standards of stretching space.
One of its greatest strengths is the comfort level for passengers in the middle row when the bench is slid right back and the rearmost seats either have very small passengers, aren't being used at all or are folded out of sight.
The rearmost seats fold away flat at the pull of a lever for an unencumbered load bay.
As everyone knows the molar teeth are the rearmost and the most complicated kind of tooth as they are used to grind food.
The Zafira is, as before, a seven-seater using Vauxhall's Flex 7 system, in which the rearmost seats fold flat into the floor.
The rearmost vehicle of the convoy was also badly damaged in the blast, he added.
The device works by rigidly attaching to the rearmost portion of adjacent vertebrae - the "spinous process" - of the lower or middle spine.
These two metal supports are located on the left side of the box with the fore-positioned hook serving as anchor to the rough lock chain, and the rearmost hook working to hold the end of the chain when not in use.
Like its predecessors, Land Rover LR4 comes with seven seats Au the rearmost pair offering legroom for full-sized adults, providing a versatile space for family and friends.
Examination revealed the pitch trim cable was completely separated in the area where it passes over the rearmost pulley in the tail cone.