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As a result, tumors often contain chromosomal rearrangements, which are places where genes are cut and pasted back together in ways that they shouldn't be.
The presence of RET rearrangements in thyroid FNA is associated with >95% risk of cancer, most frequently classic papillary thyroid carcinoma.
With the help of three students, East performed 80 simulations of hexyl ion behaviour, optimized 70 transition states for the various elementary steps and generated a complete map of hexyl ion rearrangement.
Herein, we have studied on the rearrangement of 5-methyl-3-nitrosoindolizine derivatives under alkaline conditions.
2] This type of rearrangement takes place during meiosis I and involves formation of a hexavalent configuration that allows the full synapsis of homologous segments.
Validation of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement detection by PCR using commercially available BIOMED-2 primers.
Online Supplemental Table 2 illustrates the additional data-filtering steps for the detection of DNA fragments harboring structural rearrangement breakpoints.
Citation: "Fully functional hair follicle regeneration through the rearrangement of stem cells and their niches;" Koh-ei Toyoshima et ah; Nature Communications, 2012; 3: 784 DOI: 10.
Early proposed solutions to this problem included limiting review and rearrangement procedure (Chen, 2009; Papanastasiou, 2002).
The purpose of this article is to exhibit an alphabetic rearrangement (not unique) that minimizes the number of three-letter Official Scrabble Players Dictionary heterograms.
Researchers examined three specific genetic alterations in prostate cancer samples from 308 patients: Loss of the PTEN tumor suppressor gene, and rearrangement of two others--the ERG or ETV1 genes.
If the genome were like a book with many chapters, the rearrangement would be like swapping of two chapters within book, so that both chapters would be out of order.