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Sotto made the revelation on Wednesday as reporters at the Senate were asking him if he thinks those illegally released from prison should be rearrested.
Sirleaf has been rearrested and jailed along with several other CBL officials including former CBL Executive Governor Milton A.
Chart 3 shows that the average rearrest rate of the lowest risk group remains nearly three times higher than the average arrest rate of the U.S.
The reason is that there are different base rates of rearrest among the racial subgroups.
Ramallah: The Israeli military has rearrested the Palestinian hunger striker Thaer Aziz Halahleh in a military operation in his village of Kharas near the city of Hebron in the West Bank, injuring his sister Samar in the operation.
Several days after the session, three Army officers and eight soldiers were rearrested after being released on bail in connection with the case.
A WOMAN has been rearrested on suspicion of the murder of seven-year-old Yaseen Ali, whose body was discovered after a house fire at his home.
Bureau of Justice Statistics study found that 5.3% of more than 9,700 incarcerated sex offenders were rearrested for another sex crime within 3 years of their 1994 release from prison.
Although the difference in rearrest rates for average-risk, 30 percent versus 32 percent, and low-risk, 16 percent versus 19 percent, ex-offenders did not vary widely.
CASA's five-year evaluation of the program reveals the following: DTAP participants have rearrest rates that are 26 percent lower and reconviction rates that are 36 percent lower two years after leaving the program than those of the matched comparison group; participants are 67 percent less likely to return to prison; DTAP graduates had rearrest rates that were 33 percent lower, re conviction rates that were 45 percent lower, and were 87 percent less likely to return to prison; and graduates are three and one-half times likelier to be employed than they were before arrest.
Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Monday defended the rearrest of a suspected Islamic militant under a tough security law just a day after he was released under a High Court order.
Those with two prior arrests have a recidivism rate of 47.5 percent, and those with three prior arrests have a rearrest rate of 55.2 percent.