reason about

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And he is to be deemed courageous whose spirit retains in pleasure and in pain the commands of reason about what he ought or ought not to fear?
There is some plausibility to this, as it accommodates some of the ways in which we reason about values.
By encouraging the students in the class to reason about the two solutions, the teacher provided an opportunity for the students to engage in mathematical inquiry.
That's probably the best way to reason about it, against the background of evolutionary theory that helps us to understand human psychology.
The human mind contains specialized mechanisms that evolved to reason about important problems posed by the social world of our ancestors," Cosmides contends.
Bauer and published in the November 1993 PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE, finds that certain types of diagrams help people track the various elements that make up a complex problem and, in turn, to reason about that problem more successfully
What is relevant here is that some of those who accept that there are reasons for ends, and that humans are capable of adopting and changing ends for reasons, take the existence of ends and the pursuit of means by creatures who cannot reason about ends as evidence that there are radically two different forms of rationality involved.
However, informal logic can also be used to reason about probabilities and uncertainties with a conviction to discover the "best" available conclusion, given the evidence at the moment.
Toulmin, a Cambridge-trained mathematician, physicist, and philosopher, argued early in the twentieth century that a system of informal logic is needed to reason about practical knowledge: the local, the oral, the timely, and the particular.